Site Safety Style 1


Site Safety Sign on 1.5mm Rigid Plastic.


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Our construction multi site safety signage is used to help prevent accidents and make employees, sub contractors and general public aware of potential risks on construction sites. They are a legal requirement and must be displayed on a highly visible area on the construction site. We offer many different variants of these signs and we also include an option to print you company name or include a logo on the top of each board. Please select the board style and the size you need the board in.

If you require your company name or logo please select option from the size drop down and fill in the necessary fields. All company logo must be either in a printable high res file. Please phone if you need any clarification of this (01457 877164).

Prohibition/Danger Notices Included

No admittance for unauthorized personnel.

Warnings Notices Included

Construction work in progress. Parents are advised to warn children of the dangers of entering this site.

Danger Demolition work in progress.

Mandatory Notices Included

Use ear protectors

This is a hard hat area

High visibility jackets must be worn

Protective footwear must be worm